ST STUSB4710AType- C USB供电控制器解决方案

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ST公司的STUSB4710A是Type- C?新系列USB供电控制器,不需要MCU就能处理连接到UFP或DRP,能检测两个USB端口的连接,建立有效的主到设备连接,发现和配置VBUS和解决电缆的取向,工作温度-40℃到105℃ ,完全和USB Type-C? rev 1.2以及USB PD rev 2.0兼容,主要用在AC适配器和电源,智能插座和墙适配器,电源集线器和坞站,显示器和任何Type-C源设备.本文介绍了STUSB4710A主要功能和特性,功能框图,应按应用电路,以及评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1主要特性,框图,电路图,材料清单和PCB设计图.

The STUSB4710 is a new family of USB power delivery controllers communicating over Type- C? configuration channel pins (CC) to negotiate a given amount of power to be sourced to an inquiring consumer device.

The STUSB4710 addresses provider/DFP devices such as notebooks, tablets and AC adapters. The device can handle any connections to a UFP or DRP without any MCU attachment support, from device attachment to power negotiation, including VBUS discharge and protections.

The STUSB4710 is an autonomous USB power delivery controller optimized as a provider. It offers an open-drain GPIO interface to make direct interconnection with a power regulation stage.

The STUSB4710 offers the benefits of a full hardware USB PD stack allowing robust and safe USB PD negotiation in line with USB PD standard. The STUSB4710 is ideal for provider applications in which digital or software intelligence is limited or missing.


? Detect the connection between two USB ports (attach detection)
? Establish a valid host to device connection
? Discover and configure VBUS: Type-C low, medium or high current mode
? Resolve cable orientation
? Negotiate a USB power delivery contract with a PD capable device
? Configure the power source accordingly
? Monitor VBUS, manage transitions, handle protections and ensure user and device safety
Additionally, the STUSB4710 offers 5 customizable power data objects (PDOs), 5 general purpose I/Os, an integrated discharge path, and is natively robust to high voltage peaks


? USB power delivery (PD) controller
? Type-C attach and cable orientation detection
? Single role: provider - DFP
? Full hardware solution - no software
? I2C interface (optional connection to MCU)
? Support all USB PD profiles: up to 5 power data objects (PDO)
? Configurable start-up profiles
? Integrated VBUS voltage monitoring
? Internal and/or external VBUS discharge path
? Short -to-VBUS protections on CC pins (22 V) and VBUS pins (28 V)
? Wide power supply input:
? VDD = [4.1 V; 22 V]
? Temperature range: -40℃ up to 105℃
? Fully compatible with:
? USB Type-C? rev 1.2
? USB PD rev 2.0
? Certification test ID: 1000125 (QFN24)


? AC adapters and power supplies for: computer, consumer or portable consumer applications
? Smart plugs and wall adapters
? Power hubs and docking stations
? Displays
? Any Type-C source device





The STEVAL-ISC004V1 evaluation board is a ready-to-use USB PD source based on STUSB4710A and ST1S14 ICs. It demonstrates how to convert a fixed voltage DC power input into a USB PD variable voltage output.

The STUSB4710A acts as a Type-C port interface that ensures power delivery advertising and negotiation, drives the DC-to-DC converter and power paths, and monitors VBUS voltage.

The ST1S14 device manages the step down conversion from the DC input port to the negotiated VBUS voltage.

The various LEDs indicate the operating status of the STUSB4710A and USB PD port. The USB PD port is pre-configured with five different PDOs to address a broad range of applications (5 V, 9 V, 12 V, 15 V and 20 V).



? 1 x USB PD port (source)
? STUSB4710A USB power delivery controller
? Compliant with:
? USB Type-C r1.2
? USB PD r2.0
? On-board DC-DC
? VBUS power switches and discharge path
? Support for up to 5 power data objects (PDO)
? Short-to-VBUS protections on CC pins (22 V) and VBUS pins (28 V)
? Customizable start-up profiles
? Compatible with NUCLEO-F072RB board for configuration and debug interface
? RoHS compliant



图7.评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1 PCB设计图(1):顶层

图8.评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1 PCB设计图(2):底层

图9.评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1 PCB设计图(3):顶层丝印

图10.评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1 PCB设计图(4):底层丝印

图11.评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1 PCB设计图(5):顶层装配

图12.评估板STEVAL-ISC004V1 PCB设计图(6):底层装配

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